(both locally and nationally)

No matter what positions you are trying to fill . . . No matter where
the positions are located . . . No matter which industry they are in . . .
Hire Golden can find you better candidates, faster, and more efficiently than anyone else!

We recruit locally in over 160 markets for 34 leading industries.

By combining the most advanced personnel selection technology in the recruitment industry with sophisticated sourcing strategies, Hire Golden has developed a proprietary process that is second to none.

The process is so fast, we usually deliver great candidates to you in
just one week. It is so accurate and so efficient, we protect you with
the longest and strongest warranty in the recruitment industry, an absolutely unconditional 36-month guarantee. The process works equally well identifying terrific admin support and great sales people as it does selecting innovative managers, cutting-edge engineers, and the most scrupulously honest CFOs.

The War for Talent
As a rule, 20% of the employees in an organization produce 80% of the results. The problem is that locating, hiring and retaining these top performers has never been more difficult. Part of the difficulty is that the process of looking for a job has become so easy.

The proliferation of job boards (Monster, Career Builder, Hot Jobs) and corporate sites that pre-screen job seekers online through "Keyword" search technology has made applying for a job as easy as the click of
a mouse. Today, nearly everyone hunts for jobs on the Internet.

Evaluating the best candidates has become progressively more difficult as professionally-written résumés and coached interview skills have become the norm at ever lower job levels. This, combined with the ease of applying for jobs, has flooded and overwhelmed employers with too many applicants — most of whom do not even meet the minimum requirements of the position. So the problem has become . . .

How do you separate
the Quality from the Quantity?
. . . and how do you do it quickly before the best
candidates are scooped up by your competitors?

Hire Golden has turned this challenge of unlimited résumés into an unprecedented opportunity to screen the masses for the very best workers. Rather than running from quantity, we seek it out. For each hiring engagement, we source the largest pool of qualified candidates we can find, quickly filter through them, and select the very best ones
for you to interview and hire. To accomplish this, we have developed
the perfect selection tool for today's fast-moving recruiting world.


All your candidates will be on the market.
You will not be wasting your time reviewing "dead" paper. All the candidates we submit to you will have been in contact with us within the past 48 hours.

All your candidates will have expressed serious interest
in your opening.

You will not be wasting your time on fruitless interviews of candidates who are not seriously interested in your opening, its salary level or geographical location.

All your candidates will be pre-evaluated for your opening.
Once again, you will not be wasting your time on fruitless interviews. All the candidates we submit to you will be assessed for 12 different qualities, including such “intangibles” as Natural Suitability (having the right personality type for your job opening), Trustworthiness, Motivation, Intelligence, and Stability.

All your candidates will be recruited exclusively for you.
You won’t be competing with our other clients for the candidates we submit to you. They are all sourced exclusively for you. We are not an employment agency. We do not shop your candidates around to other employers. We are totally focused on filling your job orders with the very best candidates.

All your candidates will be restricted to just the
very best candidates.

You will not be buried under stacks of our résumés. We will only submit to you the very best candidates who are suitable for your specific position opening.

All your candidates will come with full contact information.
You will not be wasting your time chasing around for “contact info.” All the job candidates we submit to you will come with their name, address, phone and email. This courtesy will help you streamline your hiring process.

All your candidates will be backed by our unconditional
36-month guarantee.

If, for any reason, one of our placements leaves your organization within 36 months, we will replace them at no charge.

How to take advantage of the new recruiting world
If you would like us to put our advanced selection technology to work for you, just call 1-888-HIRE GOLDEN (1-888-447-3465) and ask for your local representative, or email us at: sales@hiregolden.com


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